I worked as a staff writer for the Harvard Gazette, writing for the arts and humanities section and profiling speakers across campus.
Here are some of my favorite stories.


Snark and Recreation

It was a day filled with grade-school mockery, stuffed animals, cross-dressing, and above all else, uproarious laughter. Amy Poehler felt right at home.


A Vivid Life

As part of the “Intersections” series, which juxtaposes student and faculty performances with the Harvard Art Museums’ collections, the Division of Academic and Public Programs will premiere “Red,” a bio-drama about the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko by American writer John Logan.


The Teetering Greece

It was Polybius, the ancient Greek historian, who first postulated the cyclical nature of politics and the notion that history repeats itself. When it comes to the long-running Greek debt crisis, which has re-emerged as an international economic threat, his advice remains a strong argument for listening to your elders.


Leading Man

Sixteen years ago, Chris Pratt was a community college dropout, working as a coupon salesman and waiter in Hawaii, and looking for a break in show business. Today he’s not only a Hollywood star, but Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year.

A House Divided by Grief

In her new book, “Mourning Lincoln,” NYU History Professor Martha Hodes carefully weaves together a record of the innermost thoughts of common people on the assassination of their president.